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Communication Training

"Your writing presents an image of yourself"

Hi, I'm Anthony Coman

I teach communication at the Warrington College of Business and I train teams to improve their email, whether collaborating across departments or communicating with clients. 

Good writing isn't difficult, but it does take practice. It's easier to master if you have someone to guide you, and that’s where I can help:

You are the expert. I can help you more effectively communicate what you know best.

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Custom Email Training

Teams will receive targeted training to help with their specific email goals, whether sales, customer success, business development, human resources, or IT. Teams will develop templates for their most common messages and strategies for more difficult communications. Includes 2 strategy meetings with team leads and customized training materials. 

customized  | in-person or virtual | inquire here


Basic Email Training

Teams will receive training in scientifically-backed strategies for more effective emails. Training will help any team to communicate more effectively, leading to fewer errors, less confusion, and more effective client communications.  

 in-person or virtual | inquire here


Email and Virtual Meeting Training

Perfect for leadership teams. Basic Email Training plus training for more effective virtual meetings. Teams will learn to communicate more effectively via email, including scheduling, planning for, and leading meetings whether 1:1 or group, internal or with clients. 

Optional customization to target your team's needs, whether managing internally or nurturing client relationships.

customizable | in-person or virtual | inquire here


Individual Coaching

This 1-year engagement includes 24 flexible meetings. During our meetings, you set the agenda. We may build templates for your most common communications or work together on high-stakes emails, meetings, or presentations. We'll identify your opportunities for sharpening your writing, polishing your delivery, and developing your authentic voice.

personalized |  on call | virtual | inquire here

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