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Coaching for Success: John's McDonald's Story

My Story: A Commitment to Excellence

My first experience with coaching came when I was the VP of Operations for a multiple owner/operator. I had moved up through the organization quickly. With high volume and expansion, we all worked hard but were feeling some growing pains. Operations were a solid “B” and we typically had one or two outstanding stores.

I had the sense that we weren't meeting our potential, so I hired Barry, an executive coach with a focus on a commitment to excellence. I worked with Barry initially on my own time planning and organization. My personal productivity and efficiency increased significantly – and my managers and supervisors noticed immediately. My leadership style was transitioning from “command and control” to a more a collaborative, empowering coaching approach.

Next, we clarified operations, people, financial and facility goals for each store and area supervisor. With compelling action plans we scored “quick wins” while embarking on longer term improvement strategies. As my effectiveness improved, so did my leadership team. Through coaching, I held myself to account, and this transferred to my people.

We created a “commitment to excellence” as an umbrella for all aspects of our work. Everything was getting completed on time. No longer were we fighting fires. Assistant and Shift managers felt the changes and with very few exceptions responded very favorably. QSC improved, training improved, performance improved and profit improved. We lost one manager who did not get on board but in retrospect, this probably would have happened anyway.

After 18-month's of coaching, 8 out of my 9 stores earned Outstanding Store Awards.

I went on to become an owner/operator and all my key people remain as effective leaders in the organization.

Why Coaching Works

An executive coach is a thought-partner and truth-teller. As your coach, I am are 100% committed to your agenda and success, and I offer a perspective that you or your leadership team might not get from anyone else.

Over 30 years under the Golden Arches has given me a unique insight into the challenges faced by owner operators.

But each person has a different definition of success. Often owner/operators are focused on better operations and/or profitably. But it may be something else, such as managing remodels or developing the leadership team in their effectiveness, alignment or communications. Perhaps success for you is a seamless transition to the next generation, or having better work/life balance.

Whatever success is for you, my job as a coach is to help clarify your goals and accelerate accomplishment.

2:1 Return on Investment

My coach, Barry, was expensive. When I heard his fee, my first statement to him was that the coaching program had to pay for itself. It did, and more.

We worked together to develop a scorecard with specific objectives to increase sales and reduce expenses. To my happy surprise, the coaching paid for itself. But there were intangible returns, too. I had a clearer sense of purpose. I felt more confident with my decisions, even the uncomfortable ones, and my team was running better than ever.

As a coach, I am to provide a 2:1 or better return on your investment in our executive coaching services. We can map it out together. I'm sure you will be happy with the results.

Our Discover Sessions are complimentary. Let's sit down to find out if a partnership makes sense. I promise that you will leave the session with clarity and inspiration.

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